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We started operations in 1995 covering every city throughout Peru. We offer our clients management solutions, scanning digitization, verification checks, business processes outsourcing (BPO), solutions with technology, and consultancy in process. Our value is based on the vast experience acquired, using information technology and human resources management, in order to optimize the processes and improve operating costs.

Information Security

Information Security Policy 

  • Ensure to integrity, anonymous and availability of the information which is managed by the organization.
  • Provide enough resources to ensure the implementation in accordance with no control measures needed to avoid risks of information security materialize.
  • Accomplish with law requirements, contractuals, regulators, and current business such applied to the information security.
  • Tracking continuously to the system implemented, figure out opportunities of improvement besides achieving high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the functioning of the ISMS.



Digitation and Digitalization

We develop a whole range of digitalization and digitation techniques of legal documents. This process requires an entire outsourcing program, providing hardware, software, and the delivery of digital files for business processes. We also provide specific applications for this purpose.


Office Management – Customer Service

We provide our clients with comprehensive outsourcing of the implementations, guidelines and operations of offices in charge of commercial management activities, such as the processing of applications, claims, collections, reception of applications and customer service.

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Multimedia Stations and Segmentation Tool

Our systems and stations offer cost saving advantages, full service schedule, and a highly developed technological impact on the user. We also develop a system for payment services, self-consulting, information, and ticket dispensers (Queue System).


Marketing of Financial Products

These commercial services of financial products are geared towards individuals, as well as corporations throughout the country (Personal Banking, PYMES, among others). This allows to identify and keep track of non-clients, or to make more profitable relationships with existing customers through cross-selling strategies. The service includes the identification of customers with a profile selected by the company, verification processes of the credit ranking of applicants according to the rules and policies pre-established by the business.

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Commercialization and Control Solutions

SCTP - Outsourcing Control System of Products
This is a software solution based on a Workflow that focuses on the value creation of processes of marketing products, through the use of technological tools that support and integrate different but complementary services. It includes registration of information, market segmentation, quality control, billing interface with human resources systems, calculation of payroll, commissions for the sales force and a Workflow (SCPF) which supports the SCTP (Outsourcing Control System of Products).
SCV - Control System and Verifications
This is a solution that identifies needs, develops and implements automated solutions on the basis of physical and logical verifications that support decisions required by the business, using tools and specialized expertise in the verification process.

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Home Address Verification

Check applicant´s home address. It is classified in three different areas (urban, peripheral and remote). Location, number of inhabitants, characteristics of the property, and any other preset data is verified. The results are provided to the client through the web within 24 hours.

Employment Verification

Check background and employment relationship, declared information, type of contract, remuneration, seniority, position held, among other data related to the employer and employee, in regards to the current or former employment relationship.

Special Verifications

• Human Resources: Former position and performance, reason for cessation, length of employment, and any other data related to the employee is verified.
• PYME: The company, addresses and features of the premises, stock market, records, sales level, and others are verified.
• Pensions: Contributions, remuneration and period of employment is verified. It involves handling unreachable data, use of cameras, photographs, biometric readers and others.

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Verification of Files

The dossier submitted by the applicant (access to telephone services, granting credit lines, categorization in institutes or universities, among others) is verified according to the parameters established by the client and the use of database.

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Biometric Solutions

Development of solutions based on biometric identification technology geared towards the prevention of fraud, identity validation, access control, assistance control, and transactional operations of commercial nature. These can be fingerprint, facial, palm print, vascular or iris scan biometrics.

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CERTISAT – Vehicle Monitoring

This service provides tracking and location of persons or vehicles in real time, based on GPS/GSM/GPRS technology. This includes a 24/7 specialized monitoring, complemented by the most efficient management system fleet for corporate use.


OpenERP - Odoo

We provide consultancy service and support for the implementation and maintenance of the solution Open ERP Odoo.
This ERP has the following modules:
  • Project Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and Purchase Management
  • CRM
  • Analytical and Financial Accounting
  • Points of Sales
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Marketing
  • Our service integrates the different modules from this open solution with the good practices of the industry, including the assessment of needs, the correct dimensioning, the implementation process and the post-sale support.

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    CERTIFAKT - Electronic Billing

    Directed to any company that does not have its own sales software or an ERP. It does not require implementation. The client will be provided with a username and password for accessing the online platform through which invoices and electronic tickets, electronic debit and credit notes, massive ballot registration and low communications can be registered. With our multi-company option, you can access from any point of sale of your company. In addition, you have the option to customize the data to be issued on your electronic voucher.


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